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Angry Birds Star Wars II Full Version Download


Bird or Pork; choose your side


Fight the battle for the galaxy by choosing sides. Angry Birds Star Wars II is the newest member of the Angry Birds family, based on the intergalactic Star Wars fiction universe. In this puzzle game for mobile devices and PC download, you will have to launch your characters with a slingshot in order to defeat the enemies and a structure created from different kinds of materials.

The game has been developed by Rovio and includes the collaboration of Lucas Arts. This new sequel to the series introduces new playable characters as well as those from the sequel, and a completely new way of summoning birds and pigs. In this title, for the first time, you will be able to play as the Pork Side that fights against the Bird Side. The differences between both sides lies in their custom abilities. The Pork Side uses the dark side of the force and includes their own versions for Darth Vader and the double-bladed Darth Maul. The Bird Side joins forces with the rebels, including Jedi forces with lightsaber powers and additional members such as Jar Jar Binks bird version.

Fight the battle for the galaxy choosing or the Birds Rebel or the Pork Sith Side for the first time

The design of this App is noted to be clearly detailed, borrowing elements from previous games such as the gravity when entering into a new planet’s orbits. There are levels along the game that are taken directly from scenes from Star Wars movies, making it really entertaining to re-imagine the films in a completely new way. The levels are well animated, with groundbreaking physics in the collisions and behavior of the stages, in the parts where they take a hit.

Build up your own team for each stage
Build up your own team for each stage


Although Angry Birds Star Wars II follows the same essence of previous games, it is clearly different in some aspects. This time you won’t have a default set of birds in the level you play, you will have to build up your team by yourself. In order to do that, there are many possibilities. You can get them free during the game, purchase with in-app coins or using the new telepod feature. This last method is what some players will love. Following the Skylander’s philosophy, this App edition is compatible with external Angry Birds Star Wars figures, making your device read the QR code of each toy.

The number of levels available increases as long as you complete the default missions, making it possible to get extra missions in the reward chapter. Naboo Invasion, the Escape to Tatooine and the Battle of Naboo are the main chapters of the App, brought directly from the original Star Wars movies. Depending on the objective, you can get extra achievements that will grant you more points for adding new members to your team in the game shop.

Enjoy new kinds of abilities
Enjoy new kinds of abilities

Angry Birds Star Wars II Full Version Features

Check the list of the main features for this game before the download:

  • Join both the Bird and the Pork Side and fight for your faction against the ewoks or the pigtroopers
  • Enjoy the old and new characters in the continuation of the Angry Birds Star Wars games saga for mobile devices and PC
  • New ways of getting birds and pigs through the Telepods, which allows the player to summon the figures you want
  • More than 100 levels placed in different environments of the Star Wars movie series
  • Toons based graphics with really good physics in regards to the different planets’ gravity and motion stages

In case you want more data about this game, be free to check the official website.

Classic scenes from the movies
Classic scenes from the movies

System Requirements

Check the different requirements for each Angry Birds Star Wars II version:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3, iOS 4 or Windows XP
  • CPU: 1GHz for PC version
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • Free Space: 60MB for the download



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